Book Stock

Documentary Patrimony

Library patrimony amounts to approximately 650,000 books, 200,000 of which are available on open-shelf and 450,000 are kept on the 6 floors of the Book Tower and in the Traspontina Depository. Areas of specialization reflect the disciplines for which the University offers training, and in which it carries out studies and research activities: Theology, Canon Law, Philosophy, History and Cultural Heritage of the Church, Missiology, Social Sciences, Spirituality and Psychology, Arts and Literature.

All collections are catalogued and may be searched via catalogue; the 5 card catalogues were closed on September 30th, 1992.

Sepcial Funds

Classification Systems

In order to classify the patrimony by subject, manage its conservation, and facilitate data retrieval and consultation, the Library has created two classification systems, one for monographic works and one for periodicals; it allows the grouping together of resources, both conceptually and physically, according to discipline and areas of specialization. Classification codes can also be used as a search key in the catalogue.
The classification system for monographs consists of 910 classes of arguments, marked by an Arabic number, and by number of sub-classes, identified by one or more letters in alphabet.
For example the class 15 – Sacred Scripture on the Studies of the New Testament consists of the following sub-classes:

The classification system for periodicals, on the other hand, is composed of 27 classes marked with a letter of the alphabet: