Document Delivery

The Document Delivery Service (DD) provides for the exchange of document copies amongst libraries at local, national, and international levels, in compliance with Italian copyright law (Law of April 22th, 1941, n. 633 and related changes).

The service is provided exclusively for periodicals and the Library does not charge a fee; thanks to an agreement all exchanges within the URBE Network (Roman Union of Ecclesiastical Libraries) are reciprocally free of charge. Large format and/or illustrated periodicals are excluded from the service.

The service conditions are the following:

  • Incoming DD (requests coming from Gregorian Library users)
    • Requests must be submitted by registering with the NILDE (Network Inter-Library Document Exchange) service and filling out the online form; every user shall request up to a maximum of 3 articles per month
    • Depending on the library that owns the documents, the service may include a fee, the amount to be notified to the applicant before the request is forwarded
    • As soon as the required documents are available, the user will receive an e-mail; if the user licenses signed with the publishers do not provide for sending the documents in digital format, the user shall collect them in paper form at the Distribution Desk within five days
  • Outbound DD (requests from other libraries)
    • Requests must be submitted by using the NILDE service or filling in the appropriate form; every library shall request up to a maximum of 3 articles per month
    • Documents will be sent electronically to the requesting library that will deliver them to the user in hard copy and delete the received file

For more information, refer to the Regulation of Document Delivery Service available on the Documents and Regulations page.