Analecta Gregoriana

Analecta Gregoriana  is a series born in 1930 with the aim of gathering the fruits of the research work related to the academic activity of the Gregoriana. The titles published in it - so far more than three hundred, in the different languages of the University - give life to a collection of recognized scientific value, designed to offer significant contributions in the specific field of the disciplines cultivated in the different faculties and institutes of the university: sacred writing, theology (fundamental, dogmatic, patristic, moral), philosophy, canon law, ecclesiastical history, missiology, social sciences, spirituality, psychology.

Placed within a multifaceted and complex world like that of universitas, Analecta presents itself as an important crossroads of the different speculative paths initiated by teachers and doctoral candidates engaged in Pontifical Gregorian University, without excluding the possibility of qualified contributions from outside.

In order to respond to such a wide range of needs, the series has always felt called upon to confirm the breadth of its perspectives, equipping itself with a catalogue open to proposals of various kinds: monographic works, collections of essays, editions enriched by introductory notes and explanatory notes of the published text.