Rhetorica Biblica et Semitica

Rhetorica Biblica et Semitica includes the various series published since 1988:

  • «Rhétorique biblique», in French, by Les Éditions du Cerf, Paris : 3 volumes (1988-99) ;
  • «Retorica biblica», in Italian, by the Edizioni Dehoniane di Roma, then by the Edizioni Dehoniane di Bologna: 18 volumes (1994-2013);
  • «Rhétorique sémitique», in French, by Lethielleux, Paris, then by Gabalda, Pendé: 16 volumes (2005-2014);
  • «Rhetorica semitica», in English and Spanish, by Convivium Press – G&BPress, Miami – Roma: 3 volumes in Spanish, 4 in English (2008-12);
  • «Retorica Biblica e Semitica», in Italian, French, English, by G&BPress: 8 volumes (2013-16);


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