Purpose: The "Licentiate in Biblical Theology" aims to give an organic and specialized perspective on Sacred Scripture, offering a synthetic and in-depth understanding of the biblical message and initiating the student into the tools necessary for research.

As a professional outlet, earning the academic degree of "Licentiate in Biblical Theology" offers, among other things, the opportunity to teach biblical disciplines in Major Seminaries and Institutes of Religious Sciences.

Duration of the Licentiate track: at least four semesters.

Admission requirements: The Baccalaureate in Theology or the five-year philosophical-theological degree with an average grade of at least 8.0.

If the candidate has obtained the Baccalaureate

  • in a non-ecclesiastical Theological Faculty, the Faculty reserves the right to assess equivalence to the 8/10 average through an Admission Exam.
  • in an Ecclesiastical Center that does not confer canonical academic degrees, he or she will have to take an Admission Exam.

Language requirements:

  • knowledge of the Italian language
  • knowledge of two modern languages chosen from English, French, German and Spanish
  • knowledge of Hebrew and Greek corresponding to level 2

Enrolment procedure

The enrolment procedure is carried out by accessing the online platform. After filling in all required fields, the candidate must attach, in addition to administrative documents:

  • (a) the Baccalaureate Degree in which the final grade is inferred included;
  • (b) the Certificate of courses and exams taken in Philosophy;
  • (c) the Certificate of 100 hours of Italian language (for non-Italian students).

Plan of Study

A total of 121 ECTS is required to earn the academic degree, which each student must arrange by adhering to the following:

* 49 ECTS by attending and passing the exams of 7 Prescribed Courses (22 ECTS), 9 Courses offered by our department = corsi propri (21 ECTS) and 2 “Common” Courses = corsi comuni (6ECTS). See the Curriculum.

* 12 ECTS by attending 3 Seminars.

* 30 ECTS with the delivery of the Licentiate Thesis written under the direction of a professor of the Department, with the Director’s consent, to be obtained through the completion of the Module: "Licentiate Thesis Director Request Form".

* 30 ECTS with the passing of the Comprehensive Exam.