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Spaces and Equipments



Various spaces for study and consultation of the patrimony are available to users:

  • 5 Reading Rooms spread on 3 floors (plus the mezzanine of the 2nd floor, filled with shelves), where 50,000 books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, manuals, textbooks, reference works), all Doctoral Dissertations presented at the Gregorian University and the entire Periodical Collection are directly accessible
  • Art Room on the second floor, dedicated to consultation of monographic and periodical publications concerning the arts
  • Exhibition Room on the first floor, dedicated to weekly exhibitions of the new acquisitions reserved to Professors
  • Course Textbook Room on the first floor, where the exam texts recommended by Professors are accessible
  • the Distribution Room on the first floor, where users shall request and withdrawal the volumes placed in the warehouses and where the photocopying machines are located
  • Ancient and Rare Collection Room on the ground floor mezzanine, dedicated to consultation of ancient books, as well as rare and valuable publications
  • a Catalogue Room on the ground floor mezzanine, where catalogues are kept and works related to Bibliography, Library and Archival Science
  • the Warehouse Tower, accessible from floor 0 to 5 only by Jesuit Fathers and stable Professors, while floor 6 is accessible by all users and is dedicated to part of the Periodical Collection



The Library offers the following equipments:

  • 400 study stations with power outlets for computers
  • 14 computerized workstations to access the catalogue and electronic resources
  • Wi-Fi in all areas
  • 12 self-service photocopying machines, that may be used with a copy card that can be purchased at the Entrance Desk; copies shall be in compliance with the copyright law and it is not possible to photocopy the books published before 1900, the rare and valuable material, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, and works in poor state of conservation
  • 284 lockers