The License in Cultural Heritage of the Church is a two-year specialist course in which students acquire advanced historical and methodological skills for the knowledge of the Cultural Heritage of the Church.


To access the License you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  • the title of Baccalaureate in History and Cultural Heritage of the Church obtained in this Faculty or an equivalent title obtained in another ecclesiastical Faculty or a 2nd level degree relevant to the address or having completed the personalized program of the Baccalaureate. In the case of an equivalent qualification and a 2nd level degree, the curriculum must be integrated with the courses of the previous cycle, which are considered necessary.
  • average final grade of the Baccalaureate, as well as the Personalised Programme, the equivalent title and the relevant degree, not less than 8/10.
  • proven knowledge of Italian language and the ability to understand texts written in at least two of the following languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. This will be verified at the time of registration.