GREGORIANUM - Quarto fascicolo 2020

GREGORIANUM - Quarto fascicolo 2020

È disponibile il fascicolo 101/4 (2020) della rivista «Gregorianum», trimestrale edito dall’Università Gregoriana.


Consulta la pagina della rivista per gli abstract degli articoli e contenuti del numero:

  • Ľuboš Rojka, S.I., The Sempiternity of God and Cosmic Time
  • Robert Theis, Christian Wolff: Von der Ontologie zur Theologie – und zurück
  • Riccardo Campa – Christopher Corbally – Margaret Boone Rappaport, Electronic persons. It is premature to grant personhood to machines but never say never
  • Gabriel Mmassi, S.I., A centenary of ecclesiological itinerary at the Pontifical Gregorian University (Part 1). From the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ to the Post-conciliar Church: a view by Sebastian Tromp and Angel Anton
  • Ana Petrache, (Fausse) Eschatologie et théologie politique
  • Aaron Pidel, S.I., Jerome Nadal’s Apologia for Interreligious Spiritual Exercises and its Contemporary Implications
  • Marc Rastoin, S.I., Antijudaism and European nationalism – The case of the Society of Jesus under Acquaviva



  • Neil Ormerod, Method in Theology: «all my work has been introducing history into Catholic theology»
  • Valter Danna, Bernard Lonergan e papa Francesco: incontro di orizzonti aperti sul futuro del Cristianesimo
  • Robert M. Doran, S.I., Redemption as End and Redemption as Mediation
  • Randall S. Rosenberg, Theology as a sapiential way of life: Hadot and Lonergan

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