Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Visiting Professors 1999-2018

2017-2018 Herwi Rikhof
Tilburg University
The Mystery of God: Thomas Aquinas' Views on Speaking about God
  in dialogue with
  Yossef Schwartz
Tel Aviv University
The Variety of Negative Experience: An Interreligious Perspective
2016-2017 Louis Caruana, S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
Science, Religion and Common Sense
2015-2016 Bruno Forte
Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto
Religious Leadership in Secular Society: The Pattern of Moses
2014-2015 Alexander Evers
Loyola University, Chicago; John Felice Rome Center, Rome (I)
Game of Thrones - East and West,Constantinople and Rome, Emperor and Bishop: Imperial Policy and the Authority of the See of Rome
2013-2014 Marco Bais
Pontifical Oriental Institute
Cosmopolitan Aspects of Holy Land Monasticism: Caucasian Albanians and Jerusalem
2012-2013 Robert J. Dodaro, OSA
Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum
Augustin on the Formation of the Statesman's Ethical Conscience
2011-2012 Frederick E. Brenk S.J.
Pontifical Biblical Institute
Pagan Monotheism and Early Christianity
2010-2011 Michael Hilbert S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
All About Marriage in Roman Catholic Law
2009-2010 Justin Taylor, SM
Ecole Biblique et Archèologique Française
Myth, Fantasy and Gospel
2008-2009 Thomas G. Casey, S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
Kierkegaard and Levinas on More Perfect Human Love
2007-2008 Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini, S.J.
Archbishop Emeritus of Milan
Colloquium in honour of the 80th birthday of Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini: Intercession: Religious and Cultural Perspectives.
What is the Meaning of "Intercession"?
2006-2007 Craig E. Morrison, O. Carm
Pontifical Biblical Institute
The Hebrew Bible without the Jews in the Writing of Ephrem the Syrian
2005-2006 Joseph Sievers
Pontifical Gregorian University / Pontifical Biblical Institute
How Irrevocable? Interpreting Romans 11:29 from the Church Fathers to the 2nd Vatican Council
2004-2005 Donna Orsuto
Pontifical Gregorian University
Broken-Heartedness: A Key Theme in Christian Spirituality
2003-2004 Philipp G. Renczes, S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
A Theology of Judaism in 7th Century Byzantium: Maximus the Confessor
2002-2003 Lorenzo Perrone
Pisa University
Prayer and the Construction of Christian Identity in Late Antiquity
2000-2001 Arij Roest Crollius, S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
How do Christians Deal with Pluralism: Some Jesuit Responses
1999-2000 Johannes Beutler, S.J.
Pontifical Gregorian University
The Meaning of the “Jews” for the Readers of John