SS0005  IL VIDEO A 360 GRADI (A.A. 2023/2024)

Objectives: Write, shoot, direct, and digitally edit three short films. Be cinematographer, gaffer, location scout, sound recordist and assistant camera on your crew’s films.
Learn fundamentals of art and technique of visual storytelling including directing, cinematography, editing, and post-production sound design. Learn fundamentals of digital video production and digital editing.
The intensive, six-day program gives students an introduction to the technical resources and the instruction necessary to make original videographic works. The course builds upon and completes the Core competence courses which students take during the second cycle.

Methodology : The course offers students a hands-on instruction and actual production experience. Working in production units of 4-6 members, under the supervision of experienced video/film produces and technical staff, students write, shoot, direct and edit three original short films. The languages of instruction are English and Italian.

Prerequisite: The course is required of all students that are enrolled in the second cycle specialization in Social communication. No further prerequisites are required.

Means of evaluation: Students active participation as well as their final product will be the basis for assigning the grade for this course. The former is assessed individually whereas the latter is a collective, team endeavor and is graded as such.


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Christof WOLF
Christof WOLF

Orario lezioni/Aula

Semestre Giorno Dalle Alle Aula Piano Palazzo Note
2° Semestre 0.00 0.00 TBD 0 Dal 19 al 23 febbraio 2024


  • Katz, Steven D. 1991. Film directing shot by shot: visualizing from concept to screen. Michael Wiese Productions; Rabiger, Michael. 20125. Directing: film techniques and aesthetics. Focal Press.


Data Orario Aula Tipo esame da lettera a lettera Note
3 giu 2024 . . Elaborato A Z La data è indicativa, per la consegna dell'elaborato rispettare le scadenze e modalità previste.